Teacher Duct-Tapes Student's Mouth Shut

Some adults will do anything for a little peace and quiet, but a woman in Florida may have taken her quest for silence a little too far. Earlier this week, Dye Clay Family YMCA site director Valerie Ertel allegedly duct-taped 6-year-old Josh Moreno's mouth shut. According to Josh's mother, Jacque, Ertel taped the boy's mouth from cheek to cheek, causing his mouth to bleed upon the tape's removal. When Jacque asked what happened, Josh said the teacher taped his mouth because he was talking too much. Jacque confronted Ertel, who offered neither an explanation nor an apology for her actions.

Apparently this is not the first time Ertel has gone to extremes to reprimand her students, as other children have since come forward claiming she taped their mouths too. On Tuesday, a representative from YMCA released the following statement:

"The safety and security of children in our care is our highest priority. Immediately after this incident was brought to our attention, we launched an internal investigation and based on our findings, we have terminated the employee."

Perhaps Ertel will find a new job where her taping skills are more appropriate.