Teacher Forces Girl to Go Shirtless During Class

What ever happened to a simple time-out? An Arizona teacher forced a student to remove her shirt in class as part of a punishment. Thomas Washburn, a teacher at Adams Elementary, was raising his voice at his kindergarteners. This scared one of the students, who then hid her face in her shirt. Washburn told her to take her face out of the shirt, and when she refused, he removed it from her body. The student stood in the classroom, naked from the waist up, for about 10 minutes before Washburn returned her top.

Later that afternoon, Washburn told the mother about the incident, and she immediately contacted the principal. The police were notified, and booked Washburn for one count of child abuse and 24 counts of indecent exposure — one for each child in the classroom. Washburn has been placed on administrative leave while police work on the case.