This Teen Dresses in a Different Costume Every Day to Embarrass His Little Brother After School

A Louisiana teen is going viral for trolling his 12-year-old brother every day after school, and wow, this is basically the dream for every older sibling, ever, right? Since school started in the middle of August, 17-year-old Noah Tingle has waited for his younger brother Max to get off the bus — in a different costume every day. Now dubbed "The Bus Brother," Noah explained to FOX the way this adorable daily trend began: "I wanted to embarrass him but in an innocent and memorable way."

Sounds about right for your typical big brother-little brother duo, but Noah and Max are also best friends despite their five-year age gap. "He has taken after me in many aspects of his life, especially sports — we both love basketball," Noah said. "We get our haircuts together and ride to church and practices together — he is my little brother and best friend all rolled up in one person." So cute!

Noah's going to need a lot of costumes to get through to the end of the school year, but don't worry, adoring fans are already volunteering to donate ensembles so he can keep the tradition up. See some of the hilarious costumes Noah has donned so far in the video above, and follow along on The Bus Brother YouTube channel to see what he comes up with next.