Christmas Lights Inspired a Nonverbal Teen With Autism to Say Her First Words

Posted by Marisabel Figueroa Lopez on Monday, December 9, 2019

Marisabel Figueroa, a mom with a 13-year-old nonverbal daughter with autism named Kaitlyn, is embracing the holiday spirit this year for good reason. While the pair took in a well-known Christmas light display at a house in Florida, Kaitlyn spoke for the first time. Marisabel shared the special moment on Facebook, and it's truly beautiful.

According to Southern Living, a neurologist told Marisabel 10 years ago that her daughter would never speak. But apparently, the light display had a profound effect on Kaitlyn. Despite the fact that the family has been visiting this particular festive house for a decade, Kaitlyn had a sweet reaction to the colorful decorations, saying, "Look at the blue lights!"

For Marisabel, her daughter's reaction was profound. "I was just crying," Marisabel said. "I couldn't speak." Although Kaitlyn had danced and smiled while viewing the display in the past, this time was different. And despite the fact that people with autism might be overwhelmed by the bright lights and noise, Kaitlyn couldn't get enough of it.

"Some . . . have a lot of sensory issues, but for some reason . . . the music and lights do not seem to bother her at all," Marisabel told Yahoo. Watch until the end to see Kaitlyn's sweet reaction!