This Mom's "Tell Me You Have Kids" TikTok Challenge Will Make Any Parent Laugh Out Loud

Mom of three Gwenna Laithland has started a lighthearted TikTok trend that pretty much any parent can get behind! In a funny video, she shared how anyone can tell she has kiddos based on her family's Christmas decoration setup, in which anything remotely breakable is placed high up and away from her little ones' hands. She then invited parents to share any notable giveaways that they have children, saying, "Tell me you have kids without telling me you have kids," and the responses are on point.

From bathtubs that always have toys in them to half-eaten doughnuts that are left in the box, there's no shortage of funny tidbits to share! Scroll ahead to get a look at this hilarious TikTok trend that we can't help but chuckle at.

A Refrigerator Filled With Kid Food

A Safety Fence Around the Christmas Tree

Having to Pump Your Breasts

A Bathtub Full of Toys

Broken Blinds

A Work of Art on the Wall

A Rogue Roll of Toilet Paper

Half-Eaten Doughnuts That Are Put Back in the Box

Gwenna's Original "Tell Me You Have Kids" TikTok