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Tina Fey's Daughters Threw an Airplane-Themed Dinner | Video

Tina Fey's Daughters Threw an Airplane-Themed Dinner With Beverage Service: "It Was a Dream"

As the CDC discourages travel around the holidays and many cities return to strict COVID-19 restrictions, Tina Fey's family have found a way to embrace the airplane experience without having to leave home. During her Friday spot on The Graham Norton Show, Tina talked about the themed dinners her daughters — Alice, 15, and Penelope, 9 — have put together for the whole group.

"My husband's a great cook but he got a break from them a couple of times," Tina shared, recommending this activity for other families who are social distancing. She added: "The best one though was they did an airline dinner for us. It was a dream actually. They set up all the chairs one behind the other, no one facing anyone else." Drink and snack services came at the hands of her daughters, fully dressed as flight attendants in adorable outfits.

"Children don't understand how much wine is too much wine to pour," she joked, saying the girls filled their parents' glasses to the surface. They also gave a safety demonstration before takeoff and stuffed magazines into the backs of chairs for "reading material" while Tina and her husband "put headphones on like a plane and ate in silence." She called it "the best night" they've had in weeks, and it's easy to see why. Watch the funny video above to hear Tina's full tale about these cute themed dinners.

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