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Toddler Spills Milk on Mom While She's Working Out | Video

A Mom's Attempt at Me Time Goes Utterly Wrong Thanks Her Toddler and a Cup of Milk

Just a mom taking time out of my day for me... 🤦‍♀️ #realstories #rawfootage #reallife #gifworthy #sofunnythough

Posted by Hillary Loveland on Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Hillary Loveland, an optimistic mom with an adorable toddler named Otis, opted to put her mental and physical health first by sneaking in an at-home workout. But as most parents know, having little kids means there's rarely ever a dull moment.

While filming herself unwinding on her living room floor, she captured a hilarious moment in which Otis decided to pour a full sippy cup of milk directly on her face the second she lies down. She shared the video to Facebook, writing: "Just a mom taking time out of my day for me," and if this doesn't sum up having a toddler, what does?

While Hillary knew Otis was going to be climbing all over her like she was his own personal jungle gym, she definitely wasn't prepared to be covered in milk. "I originally made the video because he wasn't leaving me alone," she told POPSUGAR. "He was jumping all over me and not allowing me to actually work out. So I turned the camera on to film that, and got something completely different!"

Ever since the clip was shared on Dec. 11, it has racked up an impressive 1.3 million views and counting. Watch until the end to see Hillary's reaction while muttering under your breath "been there."

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