Halloween and Christmas Arrive Early For a Family Forced to Say Goodbye to Their Son

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Ethan Van Leuven celebrated Halloween early this week, and Christmas is coming soon for the 4-year-old boy, as well. According to KSL News, Ethan was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia at just 22 months old. After watching him be treated for years, the Van Leuven family learned that his condition is no longer treatable. His family's been told that he only has a few days to several weeks left to live.

The community of West Jordan, UT, has come together to make Ethan's last days as special as possible. On Tuesday, Ethan put on his Superman costume and went trick-or-treating with his siblings. Today, the family will celebrate their son's fifth birthday one month early. On Friday, a neighborhood Christmas Eve celebration is planned, and the following day, the Van Leuvens will celebrate Christmas. Ethan's touching story proves that a community of neighbors, friends, and family can pull together to support a family in the most heartbreaking of situations.