Do You Think This Sign Banning Trick-or-Treaters Is Over the Top or Acceptable?

This Oct. 31, instead of a bowl of candy, one homeowner put out a sign on Halloween night that turned trick-or-treaters away, and it's really stirring up discussion on Facebook.

Found by the front door of the house, the handwritten sign read: "Due to the fact that people from other neighborhoods truck their children into this neighborhood by the dozens, this house will no longer be handing out candy. Thank you for ruining Halloween for us and the children who actually LIVE HERE. Thank you for understanding, NOW GO AWAY!"

And while some parents likely rolled their eyes, muttered how some people are curmudgeons, and carried on, others got in a heated debate on Facebook over whether or not it's OK to take your kiddos to other neighborhoods for the night.

Some commenters on the post brought up a very valid point — that not everyone lives in a walkable, safe neighborhood. "Lots of kids don't live in 'safe' areas to stay where they are. I live in a decent neighborhood, but almost no one participates. If I am able, I'm going to be generous." Another user chimed in explaining that you aren't forced to take part in the holiday at all: "Nobody forces anyone to hand out candy. So if you don't want to hand out candy, keep your lights off."

However, some sided with the owner of the sign, explaining how costly it can be if you live in a trick-or-treating hot spot: "Maybe if they brought candy with them to give out while their kids are trick-or-treating in an area not their own people would not feel so bad. My son used to live in an area the kids were taken to [and] sometimes he would have 240 kids when less than 50 lived around the neighborhood. That gets a tad expensive."

So when it comes to trick-or-treating what do you think? Should it matter where you live? Or is a little one welcome regardless of their zip code?