How Trolls Is Breaking "Every Princess Rule in the Book" and Empowering Young Girls

Comic-Con has swept through San Diego, and on Thursday, a special Dreamworks panel offered a sneak peek of the upcoming animated film, Trolls. With a plethora of stars including Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick, the movie is sure to draw crowds, but one small quote from producer Gina Shay has really won us over. At one point in the panel — which included a sufficiently sassy Justin Timberlake, we might add — the Trolls producer made a heartwarming comment about body image. Read the powerful quote below, then mark your calendar: Trolls hits theaters Nov. 4.

"As filmmakers, we feel it's our responsibility to give girls memorable characters that don't make them feel inadequate in body image. And we broke every princess rule in the book on this one. We kept the troll shapes round, shoeless. Our princess is shoeless! My daughter is 11, and she has a really powerful mind. And I'd rather have her using it to be imaginative instead of obsessing in the mirror. Because all girls are beautiful."