These Are the 10 Moms You Meet on Instagram

There are a ton of people on Instagram, but it's no surprise that moms kind of dominate the platform. From featuring adorable sleepy babes in the cutest kid tees to showcasing selfies in their best pair of sweatpants with a child drooling on their shoulder, moms cover all of the bases when it comes to the types of photos we like to see in our feed.

Read through for the 10 moms you undoubtedly follow on Instagram.


The Mom Whose Baby Is Always Stylin'

Whether this mom features herself front and center on her own feed or not is unimportant. What is always true of this mama is that her little ones are some of the best dressed kiddos on social media. They're dressed to the adorable nines in every single photo, making you want to have a photo shoot with your own babies.


The Stylish Mom

Not only does this mom have her kids dressed up in the cutest Instagram-worthy outfits, but she, too, looks fierce at all times and is totally at the top of the mama style game. You get serious fashion goals from this mom as well as inspiration to change out of those sweatpants and snap a cute selfie in your favorite pair of jeans.


The White-Background Mom

Whether she's taking a photo of her baby's newest closet additions, a cupcake from the local bakery (with a kiddo hand reaching into the frame), or a bouquet of flowers she was given (read: that her children picked from her own garden), this mom puts everything on a white background so that the only focus is on the beauty of the subject.


The Mom Who Shops Exclusively From Small (Instagram) Businesses

Whether this mama runs a small business herself or just gives love to all of her favorite Instagram shops, her and her kiddos' clothes come from anywhere but Baby Gap or Carter's. Don't worry, though — she tags every individual shop in her photos so that you, too, can achieve small-business-kid-clothes success.

(See also: The Mom Whose Baby Is Always Stylin')


The Foodie Mom

Although she may not be classically trained, she's chef Mom and is proud of the creations she makes for her littles. Whether she creates popular character art from nori and rice or plates up fruit in the most darling way, you'd better believe this mama is going to share her kiddo's meal on her page.


The Crafty Mom

Perhaps her latest photo is of her child in the craft store or adorably covered in glitter, or maybe she's posting her kid's craft setup — whatever it is, you can tell that this crafty mama is passing off her creativity to her kiddos one cute project at a time.


The Selfie Mom

Selfies alone or selfies with the whole brood . . . it doesn't matter to this mom. Her camera is always facing forward, and her latest posts feature her glowing mama face.


The Nap-Lover Mom

This mama features tons of photos of her little ones asleep, which she peppers in with photos of the rest of daily life. They may be snuggling with their favorite blanket, sporting a cute toddler tee in their slumber, or cozying up to the dog — in any case, her sleepy snaps are to die for.


The Mom With All the Humor

This mom isn't afraid to share "real life" with every other parent out there. Her posts usually showcase the funny parts of parenting, capture the chaos, and feature hilarious captions that every mom can relate to no matter what their own feed looks like.


The Multitasking Mom

Whether the baby is strapped into a sling or laying across her lap, this mom has always got a lot going on in her photos. Baby in one hand, coffee in the other, laptop or book in front of her — this mom is taking her day by storm and is making sure to capture the fleeting moments on camera.