We're Now at the Point in the Pandemic When a Kids' Wearable "ShieldPod" Seems Like a Worthy Investment

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Early on in the pandemic, parents joked about encasing their kids in bubble wrap, but seven months in, that seemingly over-the-top idea is now looking pretty practical. In fact, Under the Weather — a brand best known for the pop-up "WeatherPods" that can be seen on the sidelines of kids' outdoor soccer and baseball games during rainy days — is now introducing a child-size "ShieldPod" after it successfully launched a line of Safety Pods designed to help protect healthcare workers on the front lines from possible COVID-19 exposure earlier this summer.

The original ShieldPod generated so many requests from families that Under the Weather modified the design to accommodate anyone looking for, according to the site, "extra protection, added peace of mind, or social distancing solutions."

The patent-pending ShieldPod Mini ($70) is designed for children age preschool through 10 years old. The lightweight protective barrier pops open in seconds to provide an instant shield against possible exposure, and the padded adjustable shoulder straps and waist belt keep it in place while clear panels on three sides allow for a full range of movement as well as 270-degree views of their surroundings.

According to Under the Weather, the uses for this wearable pod, available in blue and pink, are endless. From day care or classroom settings to visits with grandparents, it's a helpful option "anywhere social distancing is a must." It also boasts the ability to cover most costumes, which means the ShieldPod Mini may be a useful accessory for any kid planning to be out and about this Halloween.

Unlike the brand's free-standing pods, which zip fully closed to shield people from germs or harsh weather conditions, the wearable option does allow air to circulate through the open bottom. Although such wearable pods keep kiddos moving while providing an added barrier of protection, Under the Weather makes no guarantee of nontransmission for any of its products.

Now that we've clearly reached the stage of the pandemic in which protective gear is a worthy investment, would you consider one of these mini wearable pods to keep your kids safer? Check it out from every angle ahead.