10 Unique Birthday Party Ideas You Haven't Seen a Zillion Times Before

Planning a birthday party for your kid is a big stinkin' deal. And while we always appreciate a Disney-themed bash, we have to say they've definitely been done before. Really want to knock the socks off all of your guests? Take the road less traveled by sticking with a unique theme that will make your little one's big day that much more memorable.

From weather-themed fêtes to parties that are filled top to bottom with creepy crawlies, we're sure you haven't seen too many friends of yours go with these birthday party themes. Scroll through to get inspired by our favorite out-of-the-ordinary ideas that will work for your next celebration no matter what your budget is.

Doughnut Party

Do you have a kiddo with a sweet tooth? Throw a pretty pastel doughnut party that's beyond Instagrammable. Inflatable doughnuts and strings of garland make for affordable touches that pull the entire look together.

Owl Party

A sweet owl theme is perfect for little ones. Now who do you invite?

Bow and Arrow Party

This gender-neutral theme puts a whimsical touch on an otherwise woodsy theme.

Geode Party

Combining deep purples and metallics makes for an elevated color palette. And who can resist a gorgeous cake?

Cactus Party

Let's get one thing straight: a cactus theme is the farthest thing from prickly.

Ice Cream Party

I scream, you scream, no one can beat an ice cream theme!

Bug Party

Your little scientist will absolutely love being surrounded by his (fake) many-legged friends.

Retro Party

Bust out your roller skates and disco balls because this party takes you back to the '70s, baby. And who can beat a pet rock as a party favor?

Weather Party

Rain or shine, an out-of-the-box weather party ensures a forecast of smiles all afternoon.

Chemistry Party

Get your kiddos started on the elements early with a science-themed bash that boasts tons of cute decorations.