Photographer Managed to Get 13 Babies to Look at Her During a Valentine's Day Photo Shoot

Photographer JoAnn Marrero of From Labor to Love has managed to do the impossible by taking adorable photos of 13 babies at one time for Valentine's Day. Based in Rocky Hill, CT, she decided to put a call out for babies whose parents were interested in doing a chocolate-box-themed shoot inspired by her son's reaction to his Valentine's Day gift years ago.

"My favorite memory of Valentine's Day was when my youngest son, Alexander, opened up his Valentine's Day present when he was 2-and-a-half years old," JoAnn told POPSUGAR. "Not realizing what was inside, he started yelling to his older brother, Michael, that there was candy inside. His reaction was so cute, it didn't dawn on me that he wouldn't know what was in there."

Believe it or not, staging a shoot with 13 babies wasn't as difficult as JoAnn thought, especially because she had worked with many of them before. Her main goal? Getting everyone involved in the series to enjoy themselves. "I just wanted a good, fun time with no expectations," she said. "It was just one giant play date!"

Keep reading to get a look at this adorable photo series, which will no doubt warm your heart.