This Video of 2 Kids Helping Their 6-Year-Old Friend With Cerebral Palsy Walk Will Warm Your Heart

It's not always easy to do the right thing when we see someone who needs help. Sometimes we're not exactly sure how to step in, or other times, maybe we're just in a rush and don't have the ability to slow down to, say, help someone at the market who's just dropped a bunch of stuff onto the floor. In a perfect world, everyone would stop to help everyone all of the time, but it doesn't always happen that way. But when two young kids saw their friend Jeffrey Mackey, 6, who has cerebral palsy and was struggling to walk, they didn't hesitate for a second. They jumped right in, put his arms around their bodies, and made sure he got up the stairs. And it's all caught on video.

The three kids were playing at Thunder Island in Fulton, NY, when Jeffrey tensed up and had trouble walking. His friends Raya Joyce and Kane Raymond saw what was happening and immediately ran to him. Jeffrey's mom, Andrea Mackey, was a few feet away and witnessed the entire thing.

"Whether your kid has a disability or not, you always worry about them. With Jeffrey, I worry a little more; I always have. And that was just affirmation for me that, you know, somebody will always help him," Andrea told ABC.

"I think there's just been so much going on in the world right now, I think people needed to see it. I think they saw three tiny hearts do an amazing thing," Andrea said of the footage. "Kids are great. You know those kids are going to grow up to be good adults, and they will always help him, somebody will always have his back. We have a great community, a great support team, so I'm a little less worried today," she added.

Watch the video because it will warm your heart and hopefully even inspire you to step in the next time you see someone who could use a hand.