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Video of Dads Bonding With Kids | I Kid You Not

These Dads Can't Resist Going All Out For Their Little Ones

Dads and grads season may have passed us by, but we're still marveling at how these fathers took the time to go above and beyond for their kids. It's already so great to encourage your child's passion for music — but setting up a VIP area where they can "DJ" to another preteen across the street is a level of commitment we're so excited to see.

Going all out doesn't have to require elaborate setups. It can also just be taking the time to let them win at their favorite new game, or just standing by while they decide to frolic in some street flowers. It's that special dad time, and we're here for it!

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Thanks to TikTokers @violetcougar82, @shotgundroopy, @littlegreenbeans, @lizpspeights, @nate_duane, and @happy_heathens for sharing all these precious moments with us!

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