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Video of Funny Kids and Their Food Love | I Kid You Not

These Kids Have a Hilariously Complicated Relationship — With Food

Adults: sleepily staring into the fridge for a midnight snack. Kids? They're face down in a plate of chicken and rice, but absolutely refusing to go to bed because the meal is just that tasty. That's the kind of commitment to quality dining that we can only assume leads to the creation of world-famous chefs.

The little tykes in this video are just that: declaring that they're "not showering till [I'm] 80" because they were hangry, putting together their own pizza with better cheese/sauce ratios than we'd ever have the discipline for, and loving life thanks to a membership in the clean-plate club. It's all part of a tribute to food that anyone, kid or kid at heart, can feel in their souls and their stomachs.

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Thanks to TikTokers @jenileighmchan, @tollivers8, @sarafitzs03, @darlingkimm as well as Instagrammers @just_jesses_life, @lewylewy26, and @littledaisyphotog for sharing all these delicious video treats with us!

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