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Video of Funny Toddlers Making Trouble | I Kid You Not

These Hilarious Little Mischief-Makers Bring the Sass

There comes a certain age where your child may go from an adorable, perfectly behaved toddler to a full-on scamp. Still very cute, these little munchkins might test your patience, but in hindsight you'll admit that you were laughing the whole time.

Eggs thrown on the floor? Not funny at all, until a kid in the video above says, "It's a little funny." Just like this aspiring comedy judge, we think these cheeky kids are more than a little funny. So take a step back from the chaos, and appreciate the lighter side of parenting.

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Thanks to TikTokers @yourockbrock, @kristengearlds, and @thecoupledlife, YouTuber Malanya, as well as submitters Crystal Sansing and Tessa Johnson for sharing these sassy little tots with us!

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