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Video of Happy and Polite Kids | I Kid You Not

These Charmingly Polite Kids Will Light Up Your Day

Politeness is a great quality to have when you're an adult, and we all (hopefully) expect it from each other. When a child is new to this world though, and their kindness and warmth just radiates from their happiness, it can be one of the purest displays of affection we witness.

These kids are just that — ready to accommodate other young creatures (puppies!), show their deep appreciation for gifts as well as their parents' affection, and even fill in for adult small talk in this time when grown-ups aren't seeing as many grown-ups. It's a true joy to behold!

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Thanks to TikTokers @austinnaillon, @dannygrl4eva, @thenajeraaas, @natalieshank2, @nixondagley, @deesummers_, @mommamoon17 for sharing these world-class sweethearts with us!

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