A Man Surprised His Wife With Motivational Messages During Childbirth, and the Video's Going Viral

Kendall Caver, a 29-year-old father from Atlanta, GA, wanted to surprise his wife Jasmine with a sweet gesture while she was delivering their daughter, Sofia, in the hospital. Straight out of the Love Actually playbook, Kendall made a giant book with the couple's romantic backstory on it so Jasmine could read them during labor. He recently shared his idea on Facebook, and the rest is viral history.

"Encouraging my wife through two days of labor," he captioned the video. "Last night my warrior wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl!" Kendall came up with the idea for the book one night when Jasmine was discussing how anxious she was to go into labor.

"I felt really blessed that he would pull out such a book like that," Jasmine told Fox 5 Atlanta. "It took my mind off of everything, and I was just really thankful to have him do it."

While the clip has been viewed more than two million times and has received tons of heartwarming comments, there are some women chiming in to say that while sweet, this certainly wouldn't be their cup of tea. Scroll through to get a look at some of the Twitter reactions — on both ends of the spectrum — that the video received after ABC News shared it on the platform.

Some people loved the gesture!

But it certainly didn't resonate with everyone . . .

Some compared Kendall's actions to what they or other dads-to-be did while their child was being born.

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