A New Mom Is Going Viral Because Her Reaction to Booze After 9 Long Months of Sobriety Is Hysterical

Emily Stafford, like many of us, didn't drink a drop of alcohol during her pregnancy. So, when those long nine months of sobriety came to an end with the birth of her baby, she decided to celebrate as best as a new mom could – at home, in sweatpants, with her sisters. Oh, and a frozen pizza.

In a hilarious video shared by her sister Josie Grady on Twitter, a very tipsy Emily is seen – between fits of laughter – Frisbee-throwing a pizza directly into the oven from across the kitchen. Not only does it land in tact, but it's perfectly centered on the top rack!

"My sister finally drank after nine months of being pregnant, and this is what happens," she wrote. "I am crying."

And they really were. All five of the sisters couldn't contain their composure after the amazing display of drunken-pizza-hurling. At the end of the 20-second clip, Emily is literally rolling on the floor laughing. If one thing is clear after watching this video, which has been viewed more than three million times, it's that moms have serious skills . . . and that it doesn't take much to entertain them.