Watch These Newborn Twins Reach For Each Other's Hands Just Moments After Being Born

It's been more than a year since California-based nutritionist Celi gave birth to a set of twins, but a video immediately following the arrival of her baby girls is going viral — and it takes just a few sweet seconds to see why.

In the Instagram post, Celi recounts the hours leading up to her twins' C-section alongside a video of the just-born babies lying on the new mom's chest. Almost instantly, one of the girls reaches her hand out toward her sister. Immediately, the other responds by squeezing her fingers, and then they continue clasping each other's hand as they take in life outside their shared womb.

In the background, you can hear doctors, nurses, and loved ones marvel at the sight: "That's so precious." "You're going to make me cry." "I've never seen them do that." "That is amazing." "How cute is that?!"

Insanely cute, that's how.