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Video of TikTok Teacher Enthusiasm | I Kid You Not

This Second-Grade Teacher Wows TikTok With Her Enthusiasm

Teachers make such a big impact shaping young minds, but these days, some folks feel like it can be a challenge to keep kids focused and motivated. Meet Ms. Kayla Luise, a Massachusetts teacher who is making waves on TikTok by showing what it really takes to get second graders loving online class.

Yes, she brings passion and unbridled enthusiasm to the virtual meeting, and there are laminated mute-unmute cards and Zoom etiquette slides, but Ms. Luise is always going above and beyond. Like, when she made adorable end-of-year-gift pails for each one of her second graders. It may not be the 2020 that we envisioned, but Ms. Luise is certainly showing the world that teachers are rising to the occasion and making the best of this year.

Follow Ms. Luise on her TikTok @sassyin2nd to catch more fun virtual learning clips and hacks.

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