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Viral Video of Little Boy Catching and Releasing a Fish

Why Am I Tearing Up at This Sweet Video of a Boy Catching and Releasing His Biggest Fish Yet?

Want to witness pure joy and happiness? Kindly direct your attention to this footage of Ke'mari Cooper catching his biggest fish yet. A young Florida boy, Ke'mari was recently fishing with his dad when he hooked and reeled in a massive bass weighing seven pounds — his "personal best" to date. The utter excitement that ensued is truly unmatchable, as Ke'mari repeatedly exclaimed "Show me whatcha workin' with!" while proudly holding up his catch with a huge smile planted on his face.

Perhaps the sweetest part, however, came when it was time for Ke'mari to bid adieu to his scaly friend. "Let's put this beauty back in the water," he said while lowering the bass into the lake, adding, "I hope you grow even bigger, baby." He then proceeded to lovingly pet the fish before saying, "One day we're gonna meet back again," and letting it swim away. Aaand, cue the awww's.

Ke'mari's dad originally shared footage of the precious moment on YouTube, but as soon as it landed on Twitter, it went wildly viral, garnering millions of views in just a few days. Watch the video of him reeling in his big catch above, and then check out him adorably releasing it back into the wild below, and prepare for your heart to melt.

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