9 Creative Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy at Work

One of the best parts of being pregnant is getting to tell your loved ones and seeing their thrilled (or shocked!) reactions. But even if you know exactly how you plan on telling your mom and best friend, you can feel stumped when it comes to figuring out the best way to share the news with some of the other people in your life. If blurting out the words "I'm pregnant!" to your boss or beloved work wife doesn't feel like the best option, there are some other creative ways to bring your exciting personal news into your office environment. Whether you've been trying to hold off on letting people know as long as possible or can't wait to tell your colleagues before your baby bump is even noticeable, check out these nine creative ways to announce your pregnancy at work.


Sharing Some Sweet Treats


An Email Announcing the Latest Promotion


Upgrading Your Coffee Game


A Simple Sign at Your Desk


Wine For Your Work Wife


With Office Supply Humor


Creating a Communal Chart


An Official Memo Confirming the Rumors