Girl With Terminal Cancer's 1 Wish Came True When She "Married" Her Best Friend

Eileidh Paterson has been fighting for her life since she was 2 years old, but after learning that her cancer is terminal, this little girl made a bucket list of things she wants to do before she dies. What topped her list: marrying her best friend, Harrison Grier.

"The two of them just have this magical bond. Harrison has always said that he loves her and that he wanted to marry her," Eileidh's mom, Gail, told Edinburgh Evening News. "She has been telling all the nurses that she has a boyfriend and that they are going to get married."

The 5-year-old from Scotland has been battling stage four neuroblastoma that spread throughout her entire body before doctors discovered it. When the courageous child shared with family that most important thing from her list of wishes was marrying her 6-year-old friend, loved ones rallied to make her fairy-tale wedding a reality.

"[Harrison] was quite excited to do it. Ever since he met Eileidh, they have been inseparable," the groom's dad, Billy Grier, told Edinburgh Evening News. "I think he knew what was going on. He certainly knew how important it was to her and wanted to do whatever he could for her."

Surrounded by 30 guests, including princesses, superheroes, and fairies, the pair exchanged necklaces in honor of their friendship before celebrating with 200 friends during a festive celebration. "They exchanged St Christopher's necklaces to signify the journey that they had been on together," Gail said. "I only just managed to contain my emotions. I cried a little bit but managed to stop myself. It was such a beautiful day."

The bride's older brother escorted her down the aisle to "When You Wish Upon a Star" from Pinocchio. Once the pair were declared "best friends forever," the shared a first dance to Psy's "Gangnam Style" before cutting their custom cake.

Before the ceremony even began, Eileidh's mom worried that she might not be strong enough to attend it after a grueling blood transfusion. "She was just extremely drained, but she was like a different girl during the ceremony," she said. "The spectacle of it really perked her up, she was in her absolute element getting to play with other kids and have fun. These are going to be lasting memories."