This Hysterical Instagram Account Documents a Tiny Baby vs. Various Household Objects

An old favorite Instagram account of ours — of the Jacob's Food Diaries and Average Parent Problems era — has started to resurface thanks to a few #TBT posts, which is reminding us that this account is for sure the cutest we've ever come across.

Back in 2015 using the hashtag #WeeBabyVs, Jennifer G. started posting photos of her then 1-month-old daughter, Alexandra — who was born at just 5 pounds, 7 ounces — paired up against household objects. Alexandra was so tiny that even the smallest things — like a banana — looked huge next to her, which is both sweet and hysterical.

Read through to see what this wee baby was paired up with back in the day, and follow Jennifer to see Alexandra now!

Baby vs. cookie sheet.

Baby vs. caterpillar.

Baby vs. cookie cutters.

Baby vs. sparkling cider.

Baby vs. eggs.

Baby vs. Roomba.

Baby vs. cereal box.

Baby vs. toddler pajamas.

Baby vs. bicycle.

Baby vs. train set.

Baby vs. gallon of milk.

Baby vs. pot.

Baby vs. the kingdom.

Baby vs. laundry.

Baby vs. backpack and lunch bag.

Baby vs. Candy Land.

Baby vs. soccer ball.

Baby vs. doll furniture.

Baby vs. Nutella.

Baby vs. Doritos.