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What Are Bookend Babies?

Cute Photos of "Bookend" Siblings That Prove You Shouldn't Be Too Worried About Big Age Gaps

What Are Bookend Babies?

A not uncommon worry among parents is having a sizable age gap between their kids, particularly the first and last, or the "bookend babies." Bookend babies refer to the first and last kids in a family who are welcomed on either side of their middle siblings. Whether you already have bookend babes with a large gap or are adding another child to your family soon, it can be daunting to think about all of the different ways an age gap might affect your kids negatively: your older child could potentially feel envious of a newborn getting a lot of the attention, you'll have to parent kids going through different life stages, and you might fear they'll be too far apart to bond, to name a few. But maybe, just maybe, you shouldn't be too worried about a gap, as evidenced by the adorable photos of loving bookend siblings.

Keep scrolling to see the sweet bonds between these pairs of bookend babies — first and last kids who don't let their age gap get in the way of how much they adore each other.

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