Dilemma Resolved: What to Do When Others Post Pictures of Your Children Without Permission

Social media use has become so prevalent these days that photos of our children online is a topic that we will have to address sooner or later. Our friends at Common Sense Media are here to give us the tools and advice we need to handle the topic appropriately.


Sharing photos online has become such common practice that most people don't think twice before posting pictures of their kids — and yours — on social media sites. If this makes you uncomfortable, let people know. You can ask the poster to take down the photo or crop it so your kid isn't in the picture.

If you're OK with a photo but only want certain people to see it, ask the poster to enable settings that limit who can see the photo to a small circle or ask them to use a photo-sharing site such as Picasa or Flickr that requires a login.

Remember, you're not alone — lots of parents don't want to see their kids' photos online. You might consider announcing your preferences whenever you see cameras flashing.

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