These Kids Explaining What It Means to Be Thankful Will Melt Your Heart

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It's sometimes hard to say how well children can grasp "adult" concepts — like what it means to be thankful, for example — but it turns out, they're pretty in the know when it comes to stuff like this. In SheKnows's latest #HatchKids video, a group of children were asked to talk about thankfulness, and they had no idea that their parents were watching.

The children — who were busy cooking up some treats in the kitchen — were each asked to speak about who they were thankful for. All of the kiddos who appeared on camera mentioned being thankful for their parents, and some of them went on to explain — very remarkably, might we add — what it means to be thankful and why it's so important to be gracious every day:

I'm thankful for my parents because they support me, and I just love them.

I'm thankful for my mom's humor and how she's really good at taking care of me and always has my back.

To be thankful means to appreciate the things you were given and you don't take it for granted.

To be thankful is to realize all of the great things in life that people have done for you.

It's important to be thankful every day because it's making your family and your mom and your dad really happy that you actually know what they're doing for you.

Watch the video to see these gracious littles in action, as well as their adoring parents' reactions to everything they had to say.