Already Sick of Elf on the Shelf? Then Santa's Lazy Gnome Is RIGHT Up Your Alley

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Between putting up the Christmas lights Clark Griswold style, getting all our holiday shopping done, and making some effort to bring our kiddos to a handful of holiday activities this year, if there's one thing we definitely don't need, it's coming up with a creative setup for the family Elf on the Shelf every damn day. While that sounds a little Scrouge-y, there's another option out there that gives kids the magic of the holiday spirit without causing parents a headache: Santa's Lazy Gnome ($30). And yep, we're already obsessed.

Santa's Lazy Gnome was created by Julie DeForest — a mom who's had her share of Elf on the Shelf burnout — and comes with a plush little old man and a book explaining that the gnome doesn't need to be moved because he can see children from anywhere. Brilliant superpower, eh?

Thanks to your gnome's omnipotent ways, he'll always be able to see if your kiddos are being good, whether they're at school or tagging along at the grocery store. Scroll through to get a look at this adorable little guy, and try not to figure out what to do with all those minutes you'll be saving every night!

FYI, you can also get Santa's Lazy Gnome on Amazon once it comes back in stock!