"A Conversation With My Black Son" Is Eye-Opening For Families of Any Race

If you were under the disillusion that race is no longer an issue in our country, think again. The New York Times produced a 5-minute documentary on the topic of black parents discussing racial profiling by police, the first in a series of videos to open up a dialogue about race relations in the US. For some of us, it's a conversation that's been looming in the back of our minds since we first became parents, and for others, it may be one we never considered necessary. Filmmakers Geeta Gandbhir and Blair Foster shared the following:

For generations, parents of black boys across the United States have rehearsed, dreaded, and postponed 'The Conversation.' But when their boys become teenagers, parents must choose whether or not to expose their sons to what it means to be a black man here. . . . How should parents impart this information while maintaining their child's pride and sense of self?

Whether or not you think this pertains directly to your family, it's a part of the world we're all living in, and we hope that it inspires conversation in your household.