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What to pack in your hospital bag when having a baby

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Source: Illustrated by Megan Roy

Every new mom wishes they had a Magic 8-Ball to predict the future. Lucky for you, we teamed up with Pampers to provide the next best thing — mother's hindsight! See what our POPSUGAR editor wished she knew before heading to the hospital to have her baby.

There is a lot of anxiety that comes around an impending birth. Is the nursery ready? Are all their itty-bitty newborn clothes washed? Do we have enough meals prepped? Is the gas tank full? And while it may feel like you're keeping track of 101 things, I'm here to help you take one thing off your list: the hospital bag. While you maybe have already stocked your bag full of snacks, pajamas, slippers, a brush, etc. (at least I hope you did!) there are a few key products that you may have left off your list.
As a new mom myself, I was surprised at what I had packed that got the most use and the things I didn't pack that I wish I did. See ahead for my recommendations, and learn from my new-mom mistakes!

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