So, Unicorn Toilet Paper Exists, and We Just Peed a Little in Excitement

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Look, we get it. Over the past few years, there has been unicorn-themed everything from clothes to toys to enormous pool floats you can fit your entire extended family on, and it seems like we've seriously slapped this mystical creature on pretty much everything. And if you, like us, thought that we had totally beaten this trend to death already, think again — because unicorn toilet paper exists, and no we're not joking.

Get Digital, a European tech website, is offering up rolls of this soft unicorn toilet paper (£3, 95 or roughly $5 a roll) with "unicorns prancing across rainbows" in one- and three-packs on its website. And guess what? The company says it'll even ship to the US. And for people living in the UK, it can also be purchased on Amazon. Here's to making your time spent in the bathroom, ahem, supermagical!