Nick Carter and His Wife Are Expecting a Rainbow Baby — Very Soon, We Think!

Nick Carter and his wife Lauren Kitt are expecting a rainbow baby! After the Backstreet Boys singer shared the news of a miscarriage in September 2018, and then Lauren shared more information on March 8 in honor of National Women's Day and her would-be due date, the pair seems over the moon to be letting everyone in on the news of their pregnancy.

Although Nick's sweet pregnancy announcement on Instagram didn't include anything about when we can expect baby to arrive, we're thinking it could be fairly soon! Based on the fact that most pregnant women wait until about the three-month mark to share a pregnancy, we'd assume that Lauren is at least three months along. However, as baby number two is a rainbow baby, it's possible the couple chose to wait a little longer before sharing their news. With both of those things in mind, we think we could probably expect baby Carter between the end of July and early September. Only time will tell!

Congratulations to the Carter family, especially big brother Odin!