The Whimsical Details From This Unicorn Birthday Party Are Truly Magical

Each year, Reese and her mom collaborate to come up with a unique birthday theme. For her latest celebration, the pair decided on a pastel rainbow unicorn party centered on the idea of "magic is FOUR real."

Luckily for these ladies, they enlisted Lucinda and Juliet of The Coop to bring their whimsical celebration to life. With an array of feminine ribbons, they created a delicate table runner and backdrops. Each place was set with a hand-glittered wooden unicorn head and clusters of pastel sweet peas decorated the main table. "To add to the magic of the day, we hired a real unicorn named Willow who dazzled the guests with her golden hooves and glittered eyelashes," Lucinda told POPSUGAR. "The party was completely magical and had us all believing that unicorns are real!"