This Mom Baked a Cake to Celebrate Her Husband's Vasectomy and We're Crying

Although getting a vasectomy certainly seems off-putting to most the men, it doesn't take a fraction of the time and effort that comes with giving birth to a child. And Amber Cole really hammered the point home by baking a vasectomy-themed cake for her husband.

Cole, a mother of three boys, decided after delivering all of her sons via C-section that it was time for her husband to take one for the team. To celebrate his procedure, the mama put her baking skills to the test by making a cake and sharing the result on Facebook with a hilarious caption:

Someone's not as excited about his "procedure" tomorrow, as I am! Also, it's so very hard to write with frosting!! Celebrating with cake! Three boys are our limit! If anyone wanted to have a baby by my husband, speak now or forever hold your peace!

Cole decorated her creation with the words, "I'm glad you can't knock me up," and added a few cupcakes to represent her husband's strong swimmers.