Wiz Khalifa's 6-Year-Old Had the Best Pennywise Costume This Halloween, Hands Down

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One of the most popular Halloween costumes this year was definitely Pennywise from It and It Chapter 2, and it's easy to see why. Nothing screams Halloween more than a homicidal clown that eats kids . . . except maybe for a small, 6-year-old child dressed up as a homicidal clown that eats kids. Which is exactly what Wiz Khalifa's son did this year, and yeah, it's as scary as you're picturing. Behold, the most terrifying thing you'll see today (we hope).

Khalifa explained how the costume came about, because let's be honest, we all have questions. "So, I didn't have to explain to him, 'let's be evil' [for Halloween]," he told James Corden on Wednesday evening. "Yeah, he's weird," he continued proudly. Khalifa went on to explain that not only is his 6-year old indifferent to scary and gory movies, but he also has such a good grip on reality that he knows the truly terrifying stories depicted in them aren't true. Something I, as a fully grown adult, have yet to master. Watch the full video above, and bow down to the bravest kid I've ever heard of.