A Woman Made a Video of Her Reactions to 7 Negative Pregnancy Tests, but the Ending Is Everything

Twenty-nine-year-old Kara Burnett Giugliano knows how difficult it is to take pregnancy test after pregnancy test only to be met with a negative result. To illustrate how everyone's fertility journey looks different, she filmed herself waiting on the results of her pregnancy tests over eight consecutive months. Set to Stephen Stanley's song "Lean on Me," it's hard not to get emotional while watching the clip.

"I just wanted that positive so badly and started to question if something was wrong with me," Kara told POPSUGAR. "My mom had six pregnancies (including one miscarriage). Getting pregnant happened without trying for her, so I was starting to question why I wasn't getting a positive. The movies and shows make it look like it happens in the first month. Well, I now know that's not the case, and that's OK!"

Although we can't help but sympathize with Kara's frustration as the months wore on, she kept the videos showing the negative results for a reason. "I filmed myself every month because I wanted to have my reaction to a positive saved," she explained. "It was after about eight months of trying that I considered putting all the negatives together instead of deleting them and have that eventual positive at the end for a happy ending."