Hey, Soccer Moms! This Prank Will Make You Watch Who You Invite Into Your Group Chat

When people accidentally get added to a group chat full of strangers they don't know, they usually ask to be removed ASAP and don't give it another thought. But Christi Rantis Lally decided to play along after being included in a group text message filled with soccer moms — and the results are pretty hilarious. While most of the parents were rightfully outraged at some of her comments, Lally definitely gets points in the creativity department.

She described how it all went down in her Facebook status: "This past week I received group texts on accident. They are a bunch of parents and a coach for some kids soccer team. Instead of telling them they had the wrong number, I did this. I am a horrible person . . . I'm so sorry Coach Juan."

Try not to burst out laughing while reading the full exchange ahead.