Mom and Daughter Spoof Olympic Curling With a Roomba and Swiffer, Deserve All the Gold Medals

Even if the Olympic sport of curling has you completely confused (is it bowling on ice, or shuffleboard?), you can probably also attest to being rapt with attention whenever it's on TV. The bizarre event is oddly addictive and, without knowing a single rule of the game, positively gripping.

Same goes for the hilarious interpretation by mom Debbie Connor and her daughter, Tara Groves. The two posted a video spoofing the sport with a Roomba robotic vacuum and a Swiffer broom. They captioned the Facebook video, "Olympic Curling got me like . . ." with a laughing emoji, and that's just what the 21 million people who've seen the viral clip have been doing ever since.

Their 10-second attempt, complete with Debbie barking (Is that a requirement? What is actually going on?), might not qualify them for Pyeongchang, but it certainly gets a gold medal from us.