12 Quick Workouts That Moms Can Do Even If Their Kids Are in the Room

I've got three requirements for a good at-home workout: it's got to be doable in a small (sometimes toy-covered) space; it's got to have modifications (I'm still ramping back up after having a baby last year); and it's got to get me out of my sneakers and into the shower in under 60 minutes. These workouts check all those boxes, and they are fun, to boot!

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Fast-Paced Cardio Sculpt

If I am trying to sneak in a workout while my kids are crawling all over me in the living room, I always go for no-equipment workouts (no dumbbells or resistance bands lying around that they can turn into weapons). This workout utilizes bodyweight moves to help you build muscle while you sweat.

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Total-Body Bootcamp

If you tend to get bored doing at-home workouts, this 30-minute, bootcamp style workout is just what you need. The trainer switches quickly between moves but, with three rounds, still gives you a chance to perfect each one.

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Lower-Body Cardio Sculpt

This one is all about the core and lower body. You need a set of hand weights, but don't let that make you think you won't be getting your cardio in! Just when you think you can't do another lunge, the trainer takes you through an intense round of sprints.

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No-Equipment Full-Body Workout

You'll be forgoing the equipment again with this one, but there is no shortage of muscle-building moves. My number one tip: watch out for the "reverse burpee." Ouch!

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Quick Cardio and Legs

This is one of my favorite home workouts. It is super quick (like, under-30-minutes quick) and a total leg- and booty-burner. If I wake up before the kids do or have a few quiet minutes during nap time, this is my go-to.

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Metabolism-Boosting HIIT

No equipment necessary for this heart-pounding, 20-minute workout. Yes, I said 20 minutes. This one utilizes compound movements that work the upper body, lower body, and core at the same time so you get all the burn in half the time. You even get a few yoga breaks.

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Full-Body Burner

If you've got a little extra time (45 minutes, to be exact) and a set of hand weights, you've got everything you need for an intense, full-body workout. Trust me: you will feel this one the next day.

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Full-Body Strength

This workout is proof that you don't need a lot of fancy equipment to get a good workout in. The goal of 25 reps for each movement lets you see how you've progressed each time you press play on this one.

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Fit and Sexy Full-Body Workout

This workout starts out easy enough, but the trainer adds reps and new moves each round, so it gets more challenging as you go. Consider yourself warned: this one sneaks up on you fast.

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30-Minute Calorie Torcher

Because it incorporates some high-level moves, this workout may not be the best for beginners. If you've ever wondered if you can do a one-legged burpee, though, it's a fun one to test out your skills on.

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HIIT Circuit Workout

This is another favorite when I'm super crunched for time. You'll alternate straightforward cardio with ab- and booty-toning moves, like jump squats, planks, and push-up variations you've never even heard of.

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Low-Impact Cardio

We all have days when we want to move our body but aren't in the mood for a high-intensity workout. This low-impact workout will still get you grooving, and it'll leave you feeling strong and energized.