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Best White T-Shirts

The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best White T-Shirt of Your Life

Best White T-Shirts

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You think you've found a favorite white tee. You reach for it an embarrassing amount of times in just one week, and when it's not folded up neatly in your drawer, you kind of freak out a little, praying it's just in the hamper. But is it truly your perfect match? There are plenty of brands out there you've probably never heard of, some of which might make the right fit for you.

There's only one way to find out if a t-shirt's up to par: by wearing it. That's why we polled our editors and asked them to share their go-tos, along with a brief description of the structure, slouch, and feel of the top. The results are in, and surprisingly (or perhaps not), Everlane, Madewell, Hanes, and ATM got the most votes. But if those aren't for you, scroll to read up on 14 standout options — they're all a bit different, but we promise each one will look good tucked into your jeans.

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