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Dylan's Candy Bar Candy Girl Collection

How to Have All the Candy You Want Without Any of the Calories

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Although I love my chosen profession (what's not to love when you're writing about fashion all day long?!), it's not my dream job. Dylan Lauren has my dream job. If you haven't acquired a few too many cavities from eating a few too many gummy bears, you might not know that Dylan — the daughter of designer Ralph Lauren — who runs the world's largest candy emporium. She's basically a very stylish, very gorgeous Willy Wonka. Over the years, I've spent a good portion of my paychecks buying up many of the 7,000 different treats from her famed Dylan's Candy Bar, so when I found out that she launched a new line of accessories and beauty products, I was thrilled (as was my dentist). Finally, candy I could wear: Whirly Pop-scented nails, literal candy necklaces, and chocolate-bar-flavored lip glosses. While noshing on Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish, I chatted with Dylan all about the new Candy Girl collection. See what she had to say, and then shop her favorites. Just don't eat them.

POPSUGAR: Consuming candy is one thing, but what made you decide to branch out into beauty and accessories with the Candy Girl collection?

Dylan Lauren: I don't love just eating candy. I love it for the patterns and colors and different shapes. Candy and eye candy are the same thing, so whenever I see jewelry — the beautiful little pieces — sometimes I want to eat it! The basic idea of designing candy jewelry was something I always wanted to do since the store opened. Plus, everyone enjoys candy and a splash of color, so it's really for the girl in everybody, not just young girls. These days, women are more comfortable sucking on a lollipop!

PS: And the beauty line must have been fun to produce. Was the process similar to the taste tests you do on your actual candy? What flavors were most important to include?

DL: A lot of what I grew up on was the Bonnie Belles that tasted like bubblegum and cherry. We did a line with Sephora three years ago, and I kept seeing other companies doing candy-flavored lip glosses, and I thought besides chocolate flavors, why not all the candy flavors for lip and nail? We're a candy company, so when it came to coloring something pink or magenta, we're about not just cherry and watermelon but cotton candy and bubblegum.

PS: This past Fashion Week, the Chanel runway was filled with confectionery references — namely candy necklaces in the shape of the famous interlocking C's. Do you ever say to yourself, "I thought of that first!"?

DL: I love when fashion brands integrate candy. It just goes to show that it's hip and it's adult. Prada did the whole candy perfume, Victoria's Secret had a candy-themed fashion show one year. So, Chanel . . . it's such an elegant brand. It's fabulous. The more the merrier! And the woman who wears a Chanel bag shouldn't feel embarrassed to put on some rock candy lip gloss and rock it.

PS: And speaking of Fashion Week, you were front row in support of your dad, Ralph Lauren, this season. Do you ever get inspired by his work?

DL: I am always inspired. It's mostly inspiration by color and how it plays off the fabric. So, if it's the season of bright silks and primary colors, I want to eat the fabrics, and I love the way the colors play off each other. Like, one season my dad will be focusing on red, orange, and lime green. And those colors subconsciously play into the palette I choose for candy packaging. It all is integrated.

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