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Gifts For the TV-Lover

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Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Blake Smith

We all have that friend who loves marathon sessions in front of the TV. We partnered with Bloomingdale's to help you find the best holiday gifts for her this season.

When presented with a bevy of party invites, your friend — the one you know and love — kindly replies: "Can't. Busy." But you know her better than anyone, so you understand exactly what she means when she declines. She's going to be curled up on the couch in head-to-toe terrycloth, buried underneath a faux-fur blanket, binge-watching everything from sci-fi blockbusters to '90s TV series. And that's what makes her so special. This gift-giving season, be sure to pick up something that she can use during her dedicated couch-surfing sessions. We have some ideas, right up ahead.