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How to Buy Luxury on eBay

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Next time you're perusing the luxury market, there's one online destination that should always be your first stop. We've partnered with eBay to share luxe pieces our editors love.

How do you define luxury? To some, it's an iconic handbag from a top fashion house or a vintage treasure from their favorite throwback era. But as many would define it today, it's a trendy staple with a price tag that represents its quality, design, or the simple fact that you just gotta have it.

Because the luxury spectrum is broad and widely open to interpretation, the internet can be the best place to find what you're looking for. Brand new with tags, limited edition, $100, or $1,000, the online luxury market has something for everyone. To prove just how true that is, our fashion-obsessed editors jumped at the chance to share their most notable picks from one of our favorite digital shopping destinations: eBay. Read on to see what they scored.