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How to Look Effortless

POPSUGAR / advertiser content from / Treasure & Bond

Source: Nordstrom

Relaxed, modern pieces are the cornerstone of a cool-girl wardrobe. We've partnered with Treasure & Bond to bring you the reworked essentials and washed casual favorites that will help you make that effortless urban look your own.

As much as we strive to exude that easy, breezy vibe when getting dressed, sometimes, mastering effortless style is actually anything but effortless. Luckily, here at POPSUGAR, our editors have a few ideas for crafting a polished and comfortable outfit that's so painless to put together, it makes mornings something to look forward to. Their secret? Casual essentials that do all of the work for them. Whether it's opting for an oversized blazer with straight-leg jeans to achieve that urban model off-duty look or relying on a relaxed tee for that easy, lived-in feel, keep reading to discover their tips and shop their picks. Now, when someone inevitably compliments your outfit, you can confidently say "Oh this? I just threw it on" — and actually mean it.