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How to Wear White Leather

It's Time to Break Fashion's Oldest Rule

Every week, we bring you the best shoppable fashion and lifestyle stories from our partner Lifestyle Mirror. Today, we're sharing Taylor Davies's tips for rocking a wardrobe of white leather.

You might say we first fell in love with white leather when we laid eyes on Sloane Peterson's fringed jacket in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. The coolest movie girlfriend in history looked (at the time) so stylish in her jacket, shorts, and knee-high boots. Currently, our white leather obsession is focused on sleek modern pieces, feminine details, and utilitarian wearablity.

Take, for example, the white leather moto jacket or vest. Both R13 and Alexander Wang have created ultracovetable outerwear that is pretty much all we want for Spring. Both would look equally amazing over a pretty, floral dress or feminine ensemble as they would over jeans and a t-shirt.

You don't have to tell us twice about the appeal of white handbags — and same goes for white shoes. Year round, they are just the thing to add a bright pop to any outfit. Plus, if you're worried about keeping your white leather pieces white, you can easily clean up scuff marks with hair spray, leather cleaner, or those priceless little Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. For scratches, try applying white shoe polish with a toothpick.

If you're still wondering what to wear with white leather, the answer is everything. It contrasts nicely with every color in your closet, and don't forget that Winter is not the only time to embrace all-white monochromatic dressing. A white leather jacket over a breezy white maxi dress? A bodycon leather dress with trendy white mules? We can picture it already . . .

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