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Jessica Alba Striped Coat

Around the World With Jessica Alba's Coat

When we really love something in our closet, our allegiance knows no bounds — in that way, we're not that different from Jessica Alba. When the style setter really likes something, she shows it with multiple wears. And she clearly has a thing for her striped pastel Chloé coat, considering she's worn it three times and counting in just four days.

It made its first appearance in Paris, but the statement topper was also the centerpiece of two of her latest looks in NYC. So, really the past few days in Jessica Alba's world are almost like a how-to in making the most of one great piece. With that in mind, we're taking a closer look at each wear — and if you're on the hunt for your own standout coat, shop the similar styles. You might just end up wearing it every day of the week.

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