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Jessica Paré Mad Men Style Interview

Mad Men's Final Season Just May Be Its Most Stylish Ever

Every week, we bring you the best shoppable fashion and lifestyle stories from the editors at, including this peek behind the scenes at Mad Men's season-seven style.

Lovers of retro fashion rejoice! Mad Men is back next month for its final season and heading from the swinging '60s into the glamorous '70s. If the season-seven promo shots are any indication, Jessica Paré's character Megan Draper is particularly in for a psychedelic treat (think swirling pink prints, minidresses, and poufy, waved 'dos). But it's not the first time Jessica has had to deal with a wardrobe shift. In fact, Megan has been through a variety of looks. Here, Jessica tells us how the fashions have helped her bring Megan to life.

The Naive Secretary
Before she was ever Mrs. Don Draper, Megan was a fresh-faced secretary. "There wasn't much on the page about the character," Jessica says. "At first, I learned a lot from my costumes and hair and makeup, because when Megan started, she was wearing solid colors and bright things. She was young, she was there to work, and she was enthusiastic."

The Ambitious Copywriter
By season five, Megan moved on up at the advertising firm, landing a coveted copywriter post. "She has a bit more of a bankroll," Jessica says, nodding to the shift dresses. "She's definitely expressing herself a bit more with her clothes, but it's still very professional."

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